To date, Musang King is the most popular durian cultivar in Singapore. The spiky fruit's flavor and creamy texture has made it popular throughout Southeast Asia, but its infamous odor has gained it many detractors. Dine-in only. This is a cultivar that is really rare. The rays of the sun make their way through the green leaves of the trees. This breed is probably one of the best I have ever tasted. For the uninitiated, even the shape of the flesh will surely put you off. Download footage now! One big plus about Jinfeng is its extremely high yield. … The firm, smooth, custardy texture of durian is all but lost from freezing. In terms of texture, it's slightly fibrous and creamy which makes this durian really filling. Tekka has a characteristic "ridge" or "valley" in the middle of the durian which makes it really hard to cut open. That’s because MSW has an intense bittersweet taste and buttery texture that makes all other durian species fall short. You can only get it mostly in East Malaysia in Borneo region. Usually, durian is either loved at first taste or immediately hated. D88 Durians are often known for their firm and dry flesh that isn’t very pungent. Sometimes, you can even notice a slight soya bean notes at the end. Once you get used to the taste and texture of the durian flesh, go ahead and try the ever-loved MSW durian. texture. In Thailand, durian is the most popular. Green leaves on thin branches on tree blowing in the breeze. In terms of taste, it can rival Musang King in bitterness and sweetness. Jinfeng typically comes in small size. Copyright © 2020. This … Please refer to our physical catalog for exact look and feel of textures. While their version is made with only one type of cheese, the texture was actually quite soft (though not considered molten). This recipe was first published in Flavours magazine. Nowadays, it is quite common for Black Thorn to fetch higher prices than Musang king. We deliver our durians from 7pm onwards daily. Some call Tekka, Musang Queen. You are able to find Thai durians sold in stalls at the roadside, like the This flavour is why the pungent king of fruits has so many subjects who’ll pledge their everlasting love and loyalty. This breed originated from Penang. And what makes this durian popular is that most of it contains really small seed. Choose from a wide range of similar scenes. So do take note of that. It is generally a mild tasting durian with medium size seed. The texture of the pods have been described as creamy custard, silky and smooth. The Durian will have the texture of cooked potato when done. CU Waterwheel plant (Aldrovanda vesiculosa) under water (August, 2012). 2. Therefore, the durian fruit having a thick rind of 1-3 cm covering the pulp leads to the aim of this research to evaluate the physiological properties (color, dry matter and soluble solids) and texture of durian pulp by using the Fourier transform near infrared spectral characteristic of intact durian fruit. This durian used to take the crown before it was dethroned by Musang King. For starters, go with special breeds like Penang, Queen Bee, Golden Dragon, XO or Blackthorn durians first. These chilled durians are plated atop a tray of dry ice to create the magical smoky effect. Shape, Texture and Color of Durian Flesh. Nuantongchan: A hybrid of Monthong and Puangmanee, this durian straddles the more robust flavors of Monthong and fleshy texture with the smoothness and sweet caramel flavor of Puangmanee. Black Pearl. A big percentage of S17s contains bitter notes and has a pungent intense taste to it. My personal opinion is that the high price is mainly due to the media hype. Black Pearl has an average weight of 1.8kg and has a whitish yellow flesh. Some describe the flesh as tasting similar, but fans of the fruit describe it as having notes of almond and with a custard-like texture. Proudly created by 99 Old Trees Pte Ltd. “The flesh is as white as snow, exceeds in delicacy of taste of all our best European fruits, and none … Large rain drops strike a window pane during a summer shower. The flesh to weight to whole durian husk ratio is 1:4, therefore, every package of heat sealed 450 grams of durian comes from 1.8 kg of husked durians. The flowers are produced in three to thirty clusters together on large branches and directly on the trunk with each flower having a calyx (sepals) and five (rarely four or six) petals. In Malaysia (and elsewhere), it’s a fundamental principle that durians should be allowed to naturally fully ripen on the tree for maximum-quality flavor, aroma, texture, and appearance. Unfortunately, fresh durian is hard to come by in the Bay Area. Rain Drops On The Windows Glass, Macro shot of water droplets falling on black surface. Sticky and creamy texture and sweet aftertaste. Durian Laminates, leading manufacturer and exporter of high pressure laminates like decorative laminates, digital laminates, texture laminates, door skin laminates, cedar laminates, wooden door designs since 2006 in India. One of the sweetest tasting Durians. Quality criteria include a pulp with sweet flavor and a good texture, few or small seeds, large aril percentage and marketable weight of 1.5 to 3.5 kg (3.3 to 7.7 lb), elongated to … In this article, we will covering some of the durians available in Malaysia. This durian is a soft and very bitter tasting durian with a interesting ‘alcohol-like’ after taste. It is moist but not to a point of being cloying. SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, MACRO, DOF: Shiny droplets of fresh water splash over the lush green palm during heavy rainstorm. Contrary to what the name suggest, Red Prawn does not really have a red flesh. Its name Red Prawn is derived from its vibrant orange red flesh which is unique compared to the other durian varities. 4K and HD video ready for any NLE immediately. The flesh color consist of a light pinkish tone. Flower blossom is swept away. The durian is such a unique fruit that even the flesh has so much variations. Samples In some fruit, seeds are rudimentary or small compared to larger seeds in wild types. Rain water drops Falling Down On the Window Glass in slow motion, White Water Drops On Black Glass. And the best we could describe is that it's a combination of Cempedak, peanut, watermelon with a hint of bubblegum flavor. And the weirdest thing is that it doesn't really taste like durians at all. Worth it or not, you will have to judge by yourself. This type of freezing process does not rupture the cell walls and better preserves the durian flesh’s natural shape and texture when you thaw it to eat. Celestial has a characteristic pointy bottom. However, it terms of texture, it can get rather moist at times. It becomes soggy (under-ripe durian can have a slight crunchy texture mixed in) and the membrane surrounding the flesh, hardly noticeable in fresh durian, toughens. Burning fire. Green beetle sitting on a green leaf, and moves his feelers. This durian can be found in parts of the state of Pahang, Penang as well as in Johor. It has a pale yellowish flesh and has a surprisingly rich and intense flavor. A 1.4kg Jinfeng is considered as large. Fresh Large Shipments, from Our Pahang Plantation, Arriving DAILY at 9 am and 3 pm Each box contains 450 +/- 10 grams of wholesome durian flesh and seeds. Although the durian has a mild sweet flavour, it also has a pungent odour, which has been compared to that of Limburger cheese; for this reason, the fruit is banned from public transportation in some places. D101-D101: Creamy and wet texture. This cultivar ranks 2nd in popularity in Singapore. This is a rare breed and value for money. Chicken and Durian Curry. But one thing is S17 generally has big seeds. What made it extra delicious was the added served of light cream with tinge of sea salt, that gave the cheesecake that added salty-sweet savour and moisture as you eat it with the cake. The shape, texture and color of the flesh varies with different varieties. Durian's odor has been described as resembling dirty gym socks, rotten egg, cut onions, manure, and roadkill. SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, COPY SPACE, DOF: Fragile white dandelion blossom gets blown away by the spring wind. Jinfeng usually has a strong bold taste with good chance of it being bitter. You're currently using an older browser and your experience may not be optimal. Durian trees are large, growing to 25–50 metres (80–165 feet) in height depending on the species. It has a pleasant aroma and has a nice creamy texture. At Durian Treasure, we understand that convenience plays an important role in todays shopping climate, thus we are offering free delivery island-wide with a minimum purchase of $128. Live texture with green leaves and breaking sun rays. Glassy raindrops fall on the tropical plant in the backyard of a holiday home. There are many durian sellers who will pass off D13 as red prawn. One downside is D13s usually has big seeds. It has smooth creamy texture with big seeds. “Unique appearance, unique smell, and unique taste” This is the nature of durian that different from other fruits. When ripe, the flesh is uniquely tender and creamy. It contains big seeds but the flesh yield more than compensate for this. The flesh is deep burnt orange in color. Durian growers wait until the trees naturally drop their ripe fruit, and collect the fruit several times a day from under the trees. We will be updating this page as we go along and discover new cultivars. Material and methods 2.1. It’s one … While for some, the smell itself would make one faint. Made in house with real durians flesh, you can taste the creamy texture of the durian with chunks of soft fibers. Durian Dalit is actually a wild durian. If you are durian lovers or who are looking for some information. Durian is a tropical fruit distinguished by its large size and spiky, hard outer shell. It has thick creamy texture. 4. In terms of taste, it can rival Musang King in bitterness and sweetness. Search the world's leading royalty-free video collection. Puangmanee: A beautiful, burnt rose gold-colored little durian that is intensely sweet and buttery. The flesh is deep burnt orange in color. Durians have a notorious aroma likened to rotting meat, turpentine and gym socks. Please consider upgrading. The custardlike pulp can be eaten at various stages of ripeness and is used in a … It is common for sellers to pass this cultivar off as Red Prawn to command a higher price. In the last 3 years, Black Thorn has been gaining fame throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. … Nowadays, it is quite common for Black Thorn to … We'll talk about the taste profile, texture, color, place of origin and the average price point for these durians. Taste wise, it is common to get bitter notes and nice mild sweetness to it. D88 Durians. It has a smelly, custard-like flesh with large seeds. It has a characteristic "ridge or valley" in the middle of the durian. It is fleshy with big seed. This dish is an interesting combination of chicken and Durian curry. Video clip id 1028585210. For those that prefer durian with more flesh, the D1 durian is definitely one of the choices and it … Chilled MSW $25/kg are served with an instagram-worthy fog effect. And there's little wonder why this culitvar has out perform all other cultivars. The Chanee has golden yellow flesh and is sweet and make up 32% edible portion. Around 40% of the seeds comes small and flat. Some foreigners are able to acquire the taste of durian and absolutely love it. D1. Credit to its thin husks, it typically has a yield of around 35-38%, significantly higher than Musang King (which has a yield of 28-30% max). Bonfire. Image via Wikimedia Commons/Kalai. Durian can be eaten fresh or used to make … But this is made up by its general low price. Beautiful shot of fluffy white seeds flying into the distance. The leaves are evergreen, elliptic to oblong and 10–18 centimetres (4–7 inches) long. We carry a variety of durian species each with its own unique taste and texture to cater every inidividual. Durian (ทุเรียน) is the type of fruit that either you would love it or hate it. And it typically has small seed as well. Overall, this durian is elongated, with a curvy inner compartment that resembles a gourd, hence its name, Hor Lor or 葫芦. Fresh water splashes over the tropical plant in vacation house backyard. Get a 28.000 second close up texture of durian stock footage at 25fps. It also has a thick and pastey texture instead of the typical creaminess we will expect in durians. Download 5 clips every month with our latest video subscription. The Thai Monthong is the most commercially exported durian fruit because of its thick, creamy, sweet and buttery taste with soft and fine texture, and relatively moderate smell. In general, they are sweet with a hint and mix of other flavors. Durian’s texture is a bit like custard, depend on the variety, it can be ranging from runny yogurt to harden cream cheese. 4K. It has smooth creamy texture with big seeds. Fans of Tekka will tell you that it has a deeper and more profound flavor than Musang King. Just Eat It! November 30, 2012. Musang King has really gain prominence in the last 10 years. XO. Durian trees have one or two flowering and fruiting periods per year, although the timing varies depending on the species, cultivars, and localities. It has a good bitter tones with less sweetness. The price for Musang King is also the most volatile and it can range from $15 upward to $28 per kg during the low season. The word durian is partly derived from the Malay term ‘duri’, meaning thorn. The texture of durian is smooth, silky, and melts in your mouth like toasted marshmallow. It is not an officially registered cultivar. D197 has a rich intense flavor with just the right amount of sweetness and bitterness. It is not acidic, overly sweet, or overly juicy. Close-up of water droplets on glass, Rain Rain, Go Away. But at times, if the weather is hot enough, you do commonly get pretty bitter red prawn durians as well. So due to the rarity and the high demand, the price of Black Thorn typically cost around $2 - $5 per kg more than Musang King. It does have a highly complex taste. SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, MACRO, DOF: Big drops of rain fall on the palm's smooth and long green leaves during an intense storm. It has a deep orange flesh color. If you prefer your durians bittersweet, the Black Pearl is the ultimate must-try variety. Durian King of Thai Fruits . It has medium size seed and are mostly sweet profile. It is bitterer and less sweet than other varieties. via This cultivar is available during the mid year season. So for beginners or children, this will be a good durian to start with. It is mostly sweet but occasionally it could be really bitter and pungent as well. Didn’t like the first durian you tried, but still willing to give it … In good weather, we have tasted Tekka that has a really nice floral flavor with a strong bitter notes. Looking somewhat like a sea urchin, durian is a unique tropical fruit mainly found in Asian countries. This cultivar is widely grown in Pahang and some parts of Johor. It has a brown shell and widely spaced thorns that are short. Its fruit is sweet and buttery in texture, with very little juiceit may remind you of a Creamsicle. Contrasting to the spiky outside, the inside has 5 cavities, each filled with soft pods (the edible part). Closeup of flames burning on black background, slow motion, 4k Rain Drops Falling, High quality, Slow Rain, Thunder, speedy Rain, Rainy night, Close up, Sky Drops, Rain on Window, Drizzle, Raining, shower, rainfall, downpour, Heavy, drip surface, dribble, leak. It has a whitish, slightly pale yellow flesh color. Taste wise, it is mostly sweet but at times, when left to ferment well, it can be rather bitter with a pungent alcoholic taste. It has been called the \"king of fruits\" because of its enormous size (about 1 foot long), weight, and the large volume of edible flesh it contains. D24 has a distinctly off-white flesh color, big seed size and has a thick flesh. The flesh color is pale yellow. Green Skin is a cultivar found in certain parts of State of Johor (Muar and Segamat). Sparkling fresh wavy water is shining on a sunny summer day in slow motion, abstract blurry background at the seaside, Rainy Window Overlay..Easy to use in overlay modes (screen).Add realism to your footage. Registered as D200, it originated in Penang but farmers, wanting to catch the trend, has been growing Black Thorn in parts of Penang and Johor. Disclaimer – * The images of textures presented here are for reference purpose only. However, due to its popularity, it has been widely grown in various parts of Johor. It has a characteristic "ridge or valley" in the middle of the durian.
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