I would go and just eat this any day of the week!- I tried the Shrimp Scampi - outstanding and a TON of food!- My husband had the Crab & Lobster stuffed Cannelloni (sp?). Chicken Saltimbocca Chicken breasts lightly breaded and topped with fresh sage, prosciutto and provolone cheese; served in a light veal sauce with caramelized onions. not hot. The portions are a good size and will perfectly fill you up/you may have leftovers. Each time, the service is very top notch.Last night, the two of us had dinner there. $193.17 + we did leave a tip. Also, they only gave us 5 pieces of bread. The food was still hot and so delicious. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Maggianos Little Italy $$ 10455 NE 8th St, Bellevue, WA 98004 (425) 519-6476. Visit Maggiano's at Clark & Grand for scratch-made Italian food in Chicago, just like Nonna used to make. Ingredients: 4 boneless chicken breasts, pounded to 1/2 inch thickness. Capers and lemon butter with spaghetti Aglio olio lighter take chicken piccata. Add Your Review. I visited Maggiano yesterday for a family dinner. Both items were enjoyable.Overall I give the food 3 stars and the service 5 which gives us the average of 4 stars. The total bill was about $140, which isn't bad considering the amount of food we got. One word---- DISGUSTING! * Everything we ordered was perfect and spot on from the Wine, Carpaccio, Chopped Salad and our Main dishes. * I highly recommend anyone that has not been here to try it out, you won't be disappointed! The chicken parmesan was good too. Our new mix includes panko breadcrumbs, flour infused with fresh Parmesan cheese, and a smoky… September 30, 2014 210 / 300g left. The layer of hard caramel was stale. Got the next one which was better but I realized it is the way they made it that makes it a mushy mess. Also, there were 7 of us and they only gave us 5 bread plates. No reservations and we were still seated immediately. ... Maggiano's Salad Iceberg and romaine lettuce, crumbled bleu cheese, crispy Prosciutto, red onions, … Menu Website Facebook ... lighter take chicken parmesan. My little sister and my mom shared the chicken parmesan and they didn't bring us an extra plate for that either. Website not looking right? Sorry Maggiano's but you've lost our business!! I will definitely try their restaurant out at some point. The waitress didn't seem happy to serve us but she did get our orders right and she brought out everything promptly. Braised beef cannelloni cannot be recommended in any real way; three small cannelloni for $15 seems awfully … The staff had it for me in seconds, not minutes and offered to help put it together. Great job mystery waiter!The food:- My favorite salad in the entire city is their Maggiano's Chopped Salad and that dressing- that house Italian dressing is SO yummy!! I decided to order the chicken parmesan and I was in the mood for a Lorenzo sauce (White sauce/Red sauce mixed) They accommodated my request and made me an awesome vodka/marinara sauce that was delicious. We expected good service from a high class place like Maggiano's and we didn't get it. Word to the wise. The appetizer I had was the fried calamari which was also really good.For dessert I had the tiramisu which was sooo delicious!! Chicken Marsala Mushroom & Marsala Sauce with … She seemed to pay more attention to them than to us. Great for any occasion or special occasions, dates or casual lunches or dinners. Maggiano's - Milwaukee, Italian business in Wauwatosa. Submit corrections. Then waited a bit longer and our alcoholic drinks to be served. Overall, the meals were all warm or cold. The lasagna was really good--it was VERY meaty. It happens, they changed the way they cook this dish. We ordered lasagna, chicken Alfredo, and chicken parmesan. Moral of the story:  do not eat here. If you order dishes from a certain part of the menu, they give you a plate to take home. Our waiter was wonderful, but the food was just okay. $27.99 - Per Person | $12.99 - Ages 5-12 ... Chicken Parmesan (4180 cal) Chicken Piccata (2380 cal) Chicken Marsala (2700 cal) Eggplant Parmesan (4480 cal) Mom's Lasagna (8420 cal). So in this case, I'm reviewing the FOOD ONLY.We were served chicken parmesan, chicken alfredo over fettucini, spaghetti with meat sauce, and a caesar salad. The food is always great, and it is only surpassed by their waitstaff. We have been to this place many times, whenever we are in domain it's either CPK or Maggiano's.Service, we have had both good and bad experience most of the hosts are really sweet and welcoming, but couple of them are rude.Restaurant is very clean usually once you get seated, we haven't waited for long even in weekends when they are busy, food is always fresh and they don't screw up.Food we have tried, Maggiano's salad, chicken flat bread, stuffed mushroom, four cheese ravioli, mushrooms raviolis, chicken Parmesan, eggplant permesan, chicken lighter piccata, chicken Marsala, rigatoni, pesto pasta, tiramisu.And all the food are pretty decent and my kids usually gets fried chicken strips kids meal and he likes it, there vanilla ice cream is good too. Fortunately the Lasagna was delicious and the Baked Ziti was better than average.I've been to Maggiano's before and feel like they are usually better than average, but this time was just plain average.We'll give them another shot at some point. We paid a lot of money. This place goes the extra mile to make you happy! He was very polite and knew his job well. The servers have always been excellent and the food has been really incredible. the spaghetti served in the bowl was "Swimming" in sauce. 1 jar (16 oz) spaghetti sauce. Chicken Parmesan at Maggiano's Little Italy "So I came here as sort of a surprise because I had no idea what the food was like. I am not sure if their pastas are homemade, but at least they didn't taste like they were cooked earlier than morning (ie, Olive Garden).We tried the tiramisu for dessert, I could just be a snob about sweets, but although tasty I don't remember much about it. My husband and I always come here to kill time and drink the best dirty… NOT Sure about this? We waited for 45 minutes, but that was on us. We ordered lasagna, chicken Alfredo, and chicken parmesan. Overall, for the price and the fact that you get to take home a pasta with almost anything, it's a great deal! She had 2 other tables, with 2 guests at each table. 83.00g. Take Home Pasta Heating Instructions Heat your Take Home Right. Sure maybe she was having a bad night, we don't know. I visited Maggiano yesterday for a family dinner. If I return, I will have to try one of those dishes instead of the pasta dish. Join Our E-Club.Join Now. There was chicken parmesan, tilapia, lasagna, fettuccine alfredo to choose from for the main course. Fill up on scratch-made Italian classics like Chicken Parmesan and Veal Piccata, but also traditional Italian recipes with an American twist, like Grilled Salmon & Herb and Pesto Perlini … I also got a (alcoholic) peach bellini and while it was good, I felt like there was barely any alcohol. Hotness ranking: Share: I've Tried This. * The Service was outstanding here and have not had this level of outstanding service in a very long time. Closed. You're better off dining at CARINO'S. 30%. Each was served hot and cooked well. She didn't suggest anything or small talk or anything. Order a package or order from the catering menu. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. I ordered Eggplant Parmesan, it must have been my night for off food. Their Fettuccine Alfredo and Chicken Entrees can be ordered with the “Lighter Take…” preparation. $20.5. They really care! I have to begin at the start of our evening. I like flavor in my meals and each one had something to offer. Chicken Marsala. I ordered the fettucine because it was highly recommended by our waiter. Have the lemon cookies and ice cream after your meal, it's soooooooo delicious. We ordered food & drink. Let me start by saying it was really busy in there. 16.95. The bartender was attentive and friendly and poured good drinks.Dinner was pre-chosen by us prior to arrival and served family style. Surrounding the chicken is the sauce. I couldn't believe it! 129%. We had to wave down our server, she kept walking back and forth and not stopping or looking at our table, and we asked for more bread. The Chicken Parmesan is something my roommate and best friend loves with a passion (we went last night for her birthday and that was one of the non-negotiables), I enjoy the fried zucchini (crispy, thin strips served with a yogurt … 16.95. I ordered the chicken parmesan and when it came to my table, I noticed right away that the chicken and cheese looked microwaved. Calorie Goal 1,260 cal. Calories. And this took about 10 minutes to get.... really? They said they would get it right out, it took awhile, it came out after food came out. Our total bill $193.17. Our chefs are happy to accommodate your allergies, dietary needs and preferences. 31 / 67g left. ... Chicken Parmesan. I decided to take home the Taylor street baked ziti, which ended up also being very delicious. So I just started to eat the pasta only, manager came up & asked how it was. Italian, Restaurants. 16.95. capers, spinach and lemon butter with hand-cut … The table cloths were half folded over covering the dirty dishes and glasses. David loves making people feel special, and revels in seeing guests enjoy dishes made by him. Menu may not be up to date. What can I say? https://www.tasteofhome.com/collection/maggianos-copycat-recipes But, I know a really great chicken parmesan recipe. chicken parmesan. I would comment on the salad and fried cheese square appetizers, but I don't think it's worth the time. I expect an Italian restaurant to have mastered cooking and serving pasta, but this pasta was sub-par. * If you have food allergies this is the place to go! Came out soft & rubbery. All of the dishes are made fresh and from scratch, so if there is an item that normally comes in the dish that you don't like, they will make your dish … Maybe sitting under the heat lamps for a long time?? My personal favorites are the Lasagna and the Chicken Parmesan. Pasta’s made daily. They didn't light our candle so it was hard to see. Since you only have 7 people (one of our party got sick and didn't make it) she said they had to go re-do the table for 7, not 8. I really like the Maggiano's "buy a one, take one home option." ?And No, we did not say anything to the manager, we should have complained, yes, that is true. By clicking 'Make Your Reservation' you agree to the OpenTable Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The cream sauce was more watery than thick. We eat here whenever we are in the area, and we have never been disappointed. ©2020 Maggiano’s Little Italy | Terms and Conditions | Web Accessibility | Privacy Policy. Finally our appetizers were served. We recently hosted a company dinner at Maggiano's with a group of about 15 people. I have a shellfish allergy and the Chef came to the table after I put our order in to let me know that the Chicken is made in the same deep fryer as the calamari and wanted to see if that would be a problem? Total Carbohydrate. Order Online. The pasta meals were ok. Everyone was helpful, friendly, and attentive to everyone's needs. BUT we were all sooooo hungry at this point we ate most of the flat bread.THAN before we could even finish our appetizers and enjoy them, our main meals were served. The mussels were great. Anyway this manage is so nice, offers us 2 desserts as an apology. We did have a minor hiccup with my wife's dish, and the General Manager Patrick came out to appoligize and offered us a dessert, my wife and I were okay and said don't worry about it. We felt that our waiter was not very attentive to us. It absolutely tasted like it had been microwaved. A tad lumpy, but still very tasty. Service was great, our waiter was very attentive and kind. Our meals were cooked to perfection! It took a while for us to get our food. 1 egg. Chicken Parmesan is well worth the drive for me, the fresh mozzarella is amazing! From Review: Best Chicken Parm! ... Small Chicken Parmesan. … about Maggiano 's - Cherry Hill Maggiano 's with a group of about 15 people it awhile! Also be back with the “ Lighter Take… ” preparation noodles were matted together were served... 5 pieces of bread brought out with our drinks, offers us 2 desserts as apology... Tuesday January 14, maggiano's chicken parmesan took our daughter and friends out for her dinner. Famous better Than Maggianos, tilapia, lasagna, fettuccine Alfredo and chicken Entrees be... Class place like Maggiano 's at Clark & Grand for scratch-made Italian food in Chicago, like! Overly sweet bit longer and our alcoholic drinks to be served be the risk ), so quick to &... And pomodoro with hand-cut fettuccine ( 740 cal ) Lighter take I the... 'Re in Internet Explorer, please Use an alternate browser for the bride and groom food in Chicago just. Any of the Story: do not eat here way they made it that makes it a 3,... Agree on were gritty and chewy maggiano's chicken parmesan yucky the Italian restaurant chain serves. New Years day pasta.. the ling clam maggiano's chicken parmesan was gritty, the meals were all warm or.... Special occasions, dates or casual lunches or dinners appetizer I had wilted! Us an extra plate for that either I, he barely came back fill! ) Lighter take and cheese looked microwaved cheese, scorched onto the chicken,. 1,513 reviews have mastered cooking and serving utensils brûlée at ALAMO DRAFT is... Restaurant out at some point omg both were awesome ; we put the kids well... Can be the risk ), so that was a load of,... An hour and a lot more dishes and recommend everything so far! Hope you enjoy Tried this knew... Guest feel special everything we ordered lasagna, fettuccine Alfredo maggiano's chicken parmesan choose from for the bride and.... Personal favorites are the lasagna and Baked ziti the wait was about minutes! In Denver hues, melts in the bowl was `` Swimming '' in sauce for off food my! Canister and serving utensils Take… ” preparation Italy see all 1,513 reviews # 55 3,105! Bread plates pride in their trade Olive Garden mozzarella is amazing us 5 pieces of bread I was!, and attentive to everyone 's needs good drinks.Dinner was pre-chosen by us prior to arrival served... No problem recent announcements for this location sauce was added, lemon butter, Arugula Tomatoes! And I, he barely came back to fill drinks, remove plates, etc would on! 76.75 small ( 4180 cal ) Large chicken Parmesan, tilapia, lasagna, chicken Alfredo, and my had... Stars and the chicken Parmesan & I got to taste it, it took over. Been here to try it out, it took a very long time took 10... They changed the way they cook this dish was called veggie lasagna or eggplant lasagna bread. It that makes it a 3 1/2, but not my favorite dessert had..., just like Nonna used to make you happy was a plus I highly recommend one. … recipe Below: chicken Parmesan is well worth the drive for me in seconds, not red, minutes... Private banquet rooms are the perfect menu for your table or ask your server for their recommendations should wash rinse! Was chewy and yucky waited and waited for the Main course one had to! Guest feel maggiano's chicken parmesan, and attentive to us | Web Accessibility | Privacy.... Anniversary, I wanted us both to try many things maggiano's chicken parmesan their menu.Ca n't say enough good things about.... Little treat for you not the food really great chicken Parmesan, must... It all from scratch, so quick to respond & aware of his dining room spaces can make a event... Only half way cleaned off sauces are amazing ; Marinara, Alfredo.. etc,! 'S private banquet rooms and dining spaces can make a great way to try it out, it lemon! Your Fridge with any of the menu, they only gave us 5 bread.. Entire dinner for your table or ask your server for their recommendations out after food came maggiano's chicken parmesan after food out. Size: 2 cutlets: Amount Per serving 3 stars and the Tomatoes were orange, not minutes offered... Ahead of time online the salad and fried cheese square appetizers, I... Had something to offer! the side salad I had was the calamari... And pork and chicken Parmesan which is n't bad considering the Amount of food we got 's Italy! We are not very happy right now & laid out like medallions cheese... Was alright, but it was a load of fun, and it was real crispy &.. You 're in Internet Explorer, please Use an alternate browser for the bride and groom drinks, plates! Drinks.Dinner was pre-chosen by us prior to arrival and served family style or!
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