Business Process Definition & Optimization

strategically aligned business processes that enable innovation 

What defines high performance organizations that routinely exceed corporate objectives?  Why do some companies run like well oiled machines?  At their core they can rely on well developed and implemented business processes.  These processes create a solid foundation that enables their employees to achieve ambitious goals.  Catalyst Strategy Partners can help clients create new processes or optimize existing processes that integrate strategy, people, customers, suppliers and technology to maximize the organization’s performance.

Catalyst Strategy Partners can help you…

  • Define your Strategic Business Planning Process

  • Streamline your Product Development Processes

  • Maximize value through Product Life Cycle Management

  • Align business processes across functional groups and business units


Our Experience

Catalyst Strategy Partners have worked with companies to optimize and align business practices across multiple business units and product lines including post merger/acquisition integration.  We have defined and rolled out 5 year strategic planning processes that drove year on year revenue growth.  Our Partners have defined and implemented phase gate systems for product development and introduced project management methodologies to help companies manage product life cycles and thereby improve profitability.  We have defined and implemented customer-focused processes including distributor sales support, RMAs, ship & debit pricing and sales training.